Me & Mr. Jones:

My Intimate Relationship with David Bowie

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The show is riveting and the writing at once poetic and ethereal . . . Cion’s finely-tuned band is fantastic throughout ... the show's true power lies in its conceptual nuance ... For Cion, Bowie's greatest gift was vision itself—the ability to see herself and ultimately to be seen by others. Sharing that vision, or "soul love," is Me and Mr. Jones' gift to the audience.

A TIME OUT NEW YORK 2018 RECOMMENDED PICK and  ★★★★★ Five Star User Reviewed

★★★★★ Five Star User Reviewed

[Me & Mr. Jones] is a sacred rite of innate theatricality, artful sexuality and unapologetic emotion, Cion’s show mourns a mythic cultural figure but celebrates the invention of who you really are.

[We] are the witnesses to a woman who was not just a “fan” of Bowie. That term should not apply to her. [Cion] artistically transcends fandom. Her loyalty and devotion goes beyond that, and it is palpable to every person in the audience.

In the spirit of much of Bowie’s output, Cion’s show celebrates the structure of cabaret performance while moving past many of its conventions. Her deep rasp has the force of a rock star in many of the upbeat numbers and a more reserved elegance on slower tunes.

[Cion gives] a brilliant virtuoso performance. She channels Bowie for the evening and gives us all an abiding sense of how much his work meant to his old fans and still means to his generations of new admirers.
–Simon Critchley, Bowie (OR Books, 2014)

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